Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

If you have a business idea, the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship is a perfect place to start. In the first level of the BACEL Training Program you’ll learn the basics of running your own business.

The focus is on building self-awareness, ideation and exploring networks. You’ll gain access to information, supports and opportunities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Ideation, Networks & Self-awareness

Programming under Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship will focus on these themes.

Gain the skills to research the viability of your business idea including:

  • Finding and articulating opportunities
  • Locating basic information to develop your business idea or business
  • Brainstorming and mapping out at least three different business ideas
  • Creating a list of resources to support and grow your business (financial institutions and other resources)

Understand the benefit and process of networking – an important skill to find key stakeholders. You’ll create a map of your community, which will help you find connections and create a spreadsheet/database of your network.

Recognize your strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and aspirations. When you’re able to learn from your experiences, you can move past obstacles to be more effective in your life. You’ll complete a personality profile, an individual learning plan and a self-confidence quiz.

Examine the impact of trauma and mental health challenges on success. By focusing on supports you may need as a Black entrepreneur, you’ll receive information and resources to create a comprehensive self-care plan.

Completed Fundamentals Programs

The BBPA, with their community partners, provides mentoring, training and skills development for the BACEL Program’s Fundamental Level.

RiseUP Women+ has evolved it into a full entrepreneurial program for Black businesswomen. This program guides Black women through their journey as business founders. The program’s skills training and workshops are more extensive, aligning with BACEL’s levelled approach (Fundamentals, Master Class and Academy).

RiseUP Women+ is open to anyone who identifies as a Black female entrepreneur who is over 18 in any stage of business or industry, and you want to develop key skills, expand your network and receive support.

Is a national project-based learning program that aligns Black youth with entry level entrepreneurial skills. The program uses popular culture to help you to discover entrepreneurial paths that align with your interests, personality traits and skill sets.
Street Entrepreneur improves your social functioning and promotes prosocial behaviours as a factor of preparedness. It’s designed to promote performance/potential, develop realistic entrepreneurial goals, and hone transferable skills.

This 16-week program provides:

  • Experiential learning sessions covering professional, entrepreneurial and life skills
  • Individual coaching and case management
  • Supports and pathways to entrepreneurship
  • Community building sessions to foster prosocial youth engagement
  • Opportunity to showcase final projects nationally

By the end of the Street Entrepreneurs Program, you’ll have transferable life and professional skill sets that will enable you to be competitive on the open marketplace and in any number of industries and interests. You’ll also have a portfolio that will continue to inspire further achievement.

The Street Entrepreneur Program will be delivered via online virtual classes and will include interactive dialogue, role play, video, breakout sessions, guest speakers, team exercises, portfolio documentation and presentations.

The BEPP introduces participants to the business of photography. It is a comprehensive program focused on how to start a successful photography business.
Photographer Cecil Henry is the coordinator of this program. Cecil’s journey into the world of photography started in film and progressed to digital cinematic photography and videography.

Early in life, Cecil discovered that he could combine his entrepreneurial dreams with his profound love of the art of photography to form a successful business. He now recommends photography as a positive vehicle to delve into entrepreneurship.

The Jean Augustine Centre (JAC)’s From the Ground Up Program empowers Canadian young women and girls between the ages of 7-17 years from across Canada to develop/grow their social and professional engagement skills.

The From the Ground Up entrepreneurial programs will be offered through BACEL in fall 2022. This program will focus on giving young women and girls a chance to explore their business ideas, with an eye to turning their concepts into a reality.

Offers Black youth (from 16 and 19) and junior (from 7-10) participants a unique and transformative experience. This program empowers you to develop and grow your social and professional engagement skills.

EDGE is conducted in a safe, non-judgmental environment where mutual respect and peer support are promoted. Diverse workshops expose you to information and techniques not offered in a conventional classroom.

The program concludes with a formal presentation ball where you’re reintroduced to your family and friends as graduates of the program.

These workshops will be covered over the duration of the program:

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Best Interview and Resume Practices
  • Black History
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Business Research & Networking
  • Career Navigation in a Virtual World
  • Career Planning Panel
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Discussion on Mental Health and Wellness
  • Etiquette
  • Financial Literacy (Seniors)
  • History of Canadian Hip Hop
  • Know Thyself – Self Awareness and Personality Workshop
  • Law & You
  • Learning in the Virtual World
  • Modern and Ballroom Dance Classes
  • Power of the Vote (Civic Duties)
  • Science, Technology, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M.).
  • Summer Weekend Retreat
  • Your Academic Blueprint – Navigating High School and Post-Secondary Studies
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